Automatically prompt your visitors to start chats

New Features

We've recently introduced a new feature to the Natterly platform - Pre-messages - which allow you to automatically prompt visitors to start a chat depending on certain conditions, such as on a certain page in your site and after a particular number of page views.

To get started, head to your Admin console, then within the Settings tab, select Pre-messages on the left hand side.

Configure a pre-message

When you add a new pre-message, you'll be able to configure various aspects including the message to send to the visitor, as well as call to action buttons, and specific pages to trigger the message on.

Once you've configured your message, it will be displayed on your site when the conditions are met by the visitor.

Pre-message in action

You can find more information about Pre-messages, and the vast array of other features Natterly offers in our documentation.

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