Say hello to our new live chat service, Natterly


Here we go again, another top tool for your customer support toolbox. For years we've experimented with having live chat on our websites and within our own applications but never really found something that both suits us and is priced reasonably.

Natterly, initially, is a simple but beautiful solution to chatting with your customers in real time while they browse your websites. Your agents will use a fast and easy to use desktop application and your websites will simply include a small piece of javascript that'll insert our widget automatically.


The initial feature list looks a bit like this:

  • Easily embed the chat widget on your website and allow complete customisation of its look & feel through the Natterly admin interface.

  • Agents can use the desktop app to chat with customers from Mac & Windows computers with a realtime list of people browsing your sites and chats that are currently on-going.

  • Support for creating multiple sites, brands & departments allowing your staff to have a single place to chat regardless of the number of brands that you use the chat widget on.

  • Browse archives through the web interface as soon as a chat has finished.

  • Innovative "see the future" tool allowing you to see what a visitor is typing before they hit send.

  • Use our API & webhooks to fully integrate with any existing customer support systems and other tools. Full Sirportly integration is coming very soon and will work out of the box.

  • Run Natterly in the cloud or install it on your own servers with Natterly enterprise which will be available after the beta.

How much will it cost?

While we're doing the beta, which we expect to last a couple of months at the minimum, Natterly is completely free for an unlimited number of agents on our cloud platform. After the beta, your first agent will be free and any subequent agents will be charged at a flat £9/agent/month (that'll be $13/agent/month and €12/agent/month).

Can I use it now?

Yes, please do! We'd love to get as much feedback as possible about the service. You can signup straight away and once you've got an account you'll be able to follow the instructions for installing the chat widget on your website(s).

A little bit about the author

Adam is the managing director at aTech Media. A software developer & designer by trade specialising in Ruby & Rails - with over 130 open source repos. When not computer-ing, Adam enjoys a bit of baking, Formula 1 and playing FlightSim.