We've given Natterly a good spring cleaning

New Features

We've learnt a lot from our Natterly beta; both from our own experience of running Natterly on all our sites, and from all the great feedback we've received from everyone that took part. We'd like to thank everyone involved in the beta for their contributions!

Since the beta began we've been taking notes and implementing awesome new features. The Natterly Chatbox has been redesigned from the ground up, the web interface has had a face-lift, and the agent console has kept getting better with even more exciting features.

If you'd like to get started with the new Natterly right away you should head over to the brand new & shiny website - but don't rush over there straight away, unless you want to miss out on the screenshots below.

The New Natterly Chatbox

The Natterly Chatbox has had a complete redesign and a multitude of new features added. In addition to what we think is a pretty great aesthetic overhaul, the Chatbox now supports all these cool features:


  • Easily add to your site with 2 simple lines of JavaScript.
  • Don't make your customers wait. The Chatbox only displays when you're online.
  • Send links, documents & images to and from your customers painlessly.
  • Bring a bit of fun to your chats with our custom built emoji picker.
  • Customers can opt-in to receiving an email transcript of their chat.
  • Tiny file size to keep your site loading as fast as possible.
  • An intuitive and easy experience for your users.
  • Customize everything, including all the text and colors.
  • The most flexible and developer-friendly live-chat around!

The New Agent Console

It's not only important that Natterly is great for your users, if it's easy for your support staff too then that experience will trickle down to your customers. This is why we've revamped the feature-packed Agent Console.


The agent console is where you'll be spending your time while using Natterly, and we've endeavoured to make it as fantastic a productivity tool for you and your staff as possible. Here is a list of the key features.

  • Manage all your chats from all your sites in one easy to use interface.
  • Send a "whisper" to other support staff that is hidden from your customer, allowing you to communicate with colleagues in private.
  • See what your site visitor is typing as they type it. Before they ever press send.
  • Access your user's information directly in the chat interface, you don't have to ask for account details when you already have them!
  • View a list of everyone currently browsing your site, and proactively start chats with them. Either to close sales or provide great support.
  • Only receive chats for departments you are assigned to. Easily toggle different departments on/off and only receive chats which are relevant to you
  • Available for macOS, Window & Linux - as well as in the browser.

The New Web Interface

Last but not least we have the web interface. The Natterly web interface is mission control for your Natterly system - it's where you'll manage all the settings for your various users & sites, as well as the customization of all your Chatboxes.


We've redesigned the web interface to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, so that you can spend less time configuring your settings and more time providing great support for your customers. Head to the web interface to:

  • Manage your account settings
  • Access all your chat archives for quick reference. Quickly search through the archives to get context for a follow-up chat.
  • Customize the colors, text and behaviour of each of your sites Chatboxes.
  • Manage your agents, departments and sites. Natterly can be as simple or as personalized as you like. You can assign different departments to different sites, and assign your agents to the relevant departments. Or you could just have one site & department that all your chats go through - Natterly is infinitely flexible!

Want to find out more?

We've only scratched the surface of all the great features available in the new-and-improved Natterly. The only real way to appreciate the breadth of features is to sign up for our 14 day free trial and to have a play for yourself.

A little bit about the author

I'm Adam W, or as everyone prefers to call me - Batman. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping our customers and am committed to making their customer experience as positive as possible. When not offering support to our customers, you'll find me gaming, listening to music or running.