Sending data to your Data Tab

When you set up a Data Tab URL in your Natterly site settings, you'll need to ensure you provide some data. When the More Information tab is clicked, we'll send a POST request to your endpoint that contains a JSON payload, with the following data:

  "chat" : "123123123-123123123123-123123123123-123123123",
  "user" : {
    "uuid" : "123123123-123123123123-123123123123-123123123",
    "email_address" : "user@your-site.domain",
    "admin" => false
  "auth_token" => "your-integration-auth-token"

The chat being a UUID referencing the chat, and the user hash containing information about the agent user that is viewing the chat and tab. You can find the auth_token within your main Account Settings area in the admin console. The field will be called Integration auth token. When processing a request via this tab, you can check the auth token to ensure that the request has come from Natterly.

The admin flag will be passed directly from your user settings in Natterly as a boolean value, which you can use on your side to determine which level of data to include in your frame.

Once a request is received, it's recommended that you use the chat UUID to query the API and retrieve further information about the chat and associated visitor, to be able to process and send back a useful data frame.

The data that you return back simply needs to be contained within an appropriately styled and formatted HTML frame that we can display within the chat area in the agent console.