When using the Agent Console, you can receive notifications when a new chat is started by a visitor. This will come in 2 forms:

  • A browser notification if you're connected to the Agent Console in your browser.
  • A desktop notification if you're using the desktop application.

Browser notifications

When you first login to the Agent Console in your browser, you'll be prompted to Block or Allow notifications:

Browser prompt

If you choose to block them, no notifications from your browser will ever be sent to you. Otherwise, when you allow notifications, they will be sent when you're connected to the Agent console in an active browser tab.

Notification preferences can be changed for specific sites, such as a Natterly at any time within your main browser settings. You can find specific guides for the main popular browsers below:

Desktop notifications

When you download and install the desktop Agent Console, notifications will be always sent, but if required you can mute them.

Next to your current status in the console, you'll be able to click the speaker icon to mute all notifications.