Typing the / key during a chat will present a list of preconfigured slash commands in your account:

Slash commands

These can be used for a number of different functions, such as assigning the chat to yourself, ending the chat or sending a whisper (private message) to other agents in your account.

The default slash commands are:

  • /ban [reason] - Ban the current visitor from starting new chats for 30 days
  • /close - Close the current chat
  • /edit [new message] - Edit the content of the last message
  • /help - Display useful help information
  • /remoji - Send a random emoji to the visitor
  • /take - Assign the current chat to yourself
  • /undo - Delete the last message you sent
  • /whisper [message] - Send a message that will only be visible to agents

Additional, custom slash commands can be configured in your account as well, which you can read more about in our advanced developers guide.