The chatbox won't display

If you can't get our chatbox to work on your site we are here to help - start a chat with us and we'll be happy to help you out. If however, you want to go at it alone then here are some common problems to be aware of.

Common reasons for this problem and how to solve them

There are no agents online to chat

By default the Natterly chatbox will not display when there are no agents online. This means you could have set everything up perfectly, and you chatbox is simply not showing as your aren't logged in! To get around this either login to the Natterly agent app, or change your site settings to allow offline chats.

There agents online but they aren't assigned to a relevant department

Natterly lets you split your agents up into departments so that each user only receives chats relevant to their own area of expertise. This means that for your chatbox to show their must be agents online in departments related to the site.

To check this go into you site settings and check which departments should be enabled for your chatbox. Then, do the same for each agent. Again - if you would rather the chatbox always displays you can enable the "allow offline chats" option in your site settings.

The chatbox has been installed incorrectly

It's also possible that your chatbox has not been installed on your site correctly. If you think this is the case then feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help diagnose the problem. Otherwise, read through our getting started guides for installation instructions.